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Sri Varadaanjaneya Temple

Sri Varadaanjaneya Temple at TulasimaTa.Sri GuruKrupa Seva Trust.

We had announced we would collect Sri Anjaneya Swamy Vigrahas installed by Sri Vyasarajaru (earlier Avatara of Sri Raghavendra Swamy).

We found one such idol lying outside Shilpa Kala Shaale in Devanahally.Sarakki Amma Helped us to get this Idol.

We requested them to give it to us for collection at TulasimTa.After Initial hesitation,later agreed to hand over to us with a letter as it was 400 year old.

Now we are building a permanent Stone Garbha Gudi for Sri Varadaanjaneya at TulasimaTa. Ust behind Praakara.

We also have another VigrahaSri Varadaanjaneya which will be installed in the same Garbha Gudi is about 800 year old which was in Sri Prakash Rao son of Sri KG Krishnamurthy’s HOME. We Thank them for Giving us this wonderful idol which was in their house for generations.