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Shatha Koti


Life is Slow by Nature but our Mind and body do not recognize this aspect at all.

Considering the needs of MODERN Human Beings to Slow down with 100% attentiveness for LIVING FRUITFULLY We are Doing JAPA sadhane, Which  helps any one with lot of benefits as it is a Time tested Practice.

Most of the Unimaginable works are done after a years of One pointed JAPA SADHANE.

We at TULASIMATA established by SRI GURUKRUPA SEVA TRUST Started this 108 Crore Sri RAMA JAYARAMA JAPA YOJANE for last 3 years and today we are proud to say we have made about 3000+ devotees doing japa every day and give us monthly update of Number of Japas they have done at their place/travel time/while relaxing/in between when they time, During lunch/ dinner always when you are awake you can chant japa.

Till OCT 2014 We have completed about 38.65 crores target is 108 crores.

Japa can be any few alphabets which you need to repeat over and over, No caste or no gender, no Specific time, reasons apart we want devotees to be engaged in Doing Sadhane all the time.

One needs to put easy but few days of effort to train our mind to keep doing japa.

Japa can be done Mentally or whispering or aloud all three mental chanting is the best, But to keep count on Number we need to use Japa maala or electronic counters.

Please JOIN us you can be anywhere on this earth with email connection p leas email us we will send you Serial number so that we can keep a track of Japas done by you  monthly. We will announce Number of counts every month so that you can also see how far is the target and how much can be your contribution.

There is no money involved in this project. But We request you to kindly visit TULASIMATA when you are in Bangalore. Pl keep half day free including Lunch with us.

It is a practice in our MaTa we chant SRI RAMA JAYARAMA while Serving food. So that We Create a very Positive environment and peaceful Mind to accept Prasadam.

Pl Join and FEEL the Difference in Your LIFE.